The accident information gathered by investigation teams can be supplied for the purposes of scientific and statistical research promoting traffic safety. Material from the investigation teams is available to researchers in electronic format (the accident information register) and as accident folders, which can be accessed at OTI's premises. The accident folders are in paper format, and the amount of data they include is larger than in the accident information register compiled from the material.

Permission to access the material is applied for from OTI with a separate access permit application and an accompanying research plan. The research material is provided to the researcher in the agreed format.

  • The research material obtained must be kept so that only those who have signed the access permit application can access it.
  • The study must be presented to OTI before publication so that it can be verified that the characteristics of the material have been taken into consideration and interpreted correctly.
  • After the research has been completed, the files shall be destroyed or delivered to OTI for storage.
  • The results must be presented in such a way that no specific accidents can be identified from them and the regulations concerning privacy and confidentiality are not breached.

Hundreds of variables for each accident have been collected in the material on fatal accidents produced by the road accident investigation teams. This material, assembled in its entirety by experts, is significant by international standards. OTI can assist in understanding the special characteristics of the accident material gathered by the investigation teams. Such special characteristics include specifying the parties and risk factors involved in the accidents.

In addition to the material from the investigation team, researchers also have access to road accident statistics from insurance companies maintained by OTI, which are the most comprehensive accident statistics in Finland in terms of the number of accidents.

Additional information on obtaining material for research purposes:

Esa Räty, Road Safety Manager, tel. +358 40 922 1365