You can claim compensation from the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre (LVK) for:

  • traffic accidents caused by uninsured vehicles
  • personal injuries caused by unknown vehicles,
  • traffic accidents caused by those exempted from motor liability insurance,
  • traffic accidents caused by foreign vehicles,
  • traffic accidents caused by vehicles holding temporary and frontier motor liability insurance policies.  

LVK also compensates reindeer owners for damage to their reindeer caused by vehicles. Read more about the damage compensated by LVK.

The driver of the vehicle that caused the damage must prepare a written damage report and submit it to the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. If the party causing the damage is unknown (e.g. personal injury caused by an unknown vehicle), or they have not reported the accident, the injured party shall themselves submit a damage notification to LVK.

Claim compensation

You can report the accident electronically using this form (the electronic form is only available in Finnish):

Accident statement, electronic form

In order to fill out the electronic form, you will need to log in to the system with your online banking credentials.

If you cannot use the online form, printable damage report forms are available here (in English). Send the duly filled out and signed damage report to the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre as an e-mail attachment or by mail (Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre, P.O. Box 2, FI-00084 VAKUUTUSKESKUS).

If your case is already pending at the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre, you can contact the claims service with this contact form (form in Finnish):

Electronic contact form

In order to use the form, you will need to log in to the system with your online banking credentials. 

Enter the claim reference number issued by Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre in the form in the field reserved for this purpose. You can find the reference number from the documents you have received from us (the reference number is of the format X-2017-1000-123 i.e. a combination of letters and numbers). Please do not enter a reference number issued by other insurance company.

The contact information for LVK's injuries and claims service: Contacts