There are two ways to get this certificate:

1. Self-service

Click here to print out your personal insurance and claims history.

You will need to enter your personal identity code and Finnish banking credentials. You will also need to have a PDF reader program installed on your workstation and access to a printer.

Authentication with banking credentials is required because the certificate is personal to you.

2. Form

If you do not have Finnish banking credentials or you cannot find your bank on the list, you may request the certificate using this form.

The certificate will be mailed to your home address. Your home address will be checked with the Finnish Population Register Centre.

Contact details if you encounter problems:

  • If there are errors or omissions in the contents or details of your insurance and claims history certificate, you will need to contact the insurance company whose insurance policy the errors or omissions relate to in order to correct them.
  • If the forms do not work or you encounter other technical problems related to the service, you can send an e-mail to hyvike(@) or call +358 40 922 0300 (weekdays from 9 am to 15 pm).

The insurance and claims history certificate includes information about the period of validity of your motor liability insurance policies and claims compensated under them. Among other things, this information affects the pricing of motor liability insurance in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance company concerned.

When a Finnish person changes his or her vehicle or Finnish insurance company, the insurance and claims history data is transmitted between the respective insurance companies by means of an electronic system. The policyholder is not required to take any action to transfer the insurance and claims history data.

Finnish insurance companies also accept foreign insurance and claims history certificates. A certificate on the validity of a foreign insurance policy and any claims compensated under it must be provided when taking out an insurance. In most cases, the foreign certificate can also be delivered electronically.

The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre prepares the insurance and claims history certificate of behalf of its member companies. Our member companies include all insurance companies that grant motor liability insurance policies in Finland.

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