If a foreign vehicle causes an accident, act as follows:

  • Dial 112 to ask the Police to come the scene, if required.
  • If possible, photograph the damage and the vehicles involved.
  • Fill in the damage report and send it to the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. Give a copy of the damage report to the injured party, if possible.

If the damage was caused by a foreign vehicle, the damage case processing is faster if the vehicle's insurance company details are provided. Whenever possible, a copy or photograph of the foreign vehicle's international insurance certificate (green card) should be sent to the Finnish Motor Insurers' centre.

If you cannot get a photograph or copy of the green card, then make a note of at least its validity, the policy number and the insurance company.

All documents which clarify the damage (e.g. the police investigation report, possible photos, a copy of the green card) should be appended to the damage report.