Through the electronic registration process, you can insure and register your vehicle at the same time, regardless of time and place. You no longer need to visit a registration outlet; instead, you can easily register your vehicle through the online service of your insurance company at the same time as you take out motor insurance.

Taking out statutory motor insurance is a prerequisite for vehicle registration. As insurance and registration processes require nearly identical information, they will be offered in a single electronic system to make vehicle registration quicker, easier and less expensive. No paper registration certificate will be needed; you can complete the registration process using an electronic certificate obtained from the Traficom website.

When the new vehicle owner takes out motor insurance, their insurance company will send the information required during the registration process directly to Traficom in electronic format. As a result, you can complete the insurance and registration process at the same time. However, regardless of the transition to an electronic registration process, you can still register your vehicle by visiting an insurance company, car dealership or inspection station which offers registration services. You can also register your vehicle using Traficom's electronic services, but in this case you need to have taken out motor insurance in advance.

Check our FAQ: Registration through services of insurance companies

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Commitment to social responsibility in terms of sustainable development

Combining insurance and registration processes into a single electronic system also supports sustainable development as it reduces the number of personal visits, the volume of paper and the carbon footprint. As an indication of the promotion of sustainable development, the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre and its member companies, together with Finance Finland and Traficom, have made a commitment to the Sitoumus 2050 (Commitment 2050) project.