Infograafi kevyiden sähköisten liikkumisvälineiden vakuuttamisesta, lue sisältö erillisestä kuvauksesta infograafin yhteydessä.

How should new electric mobility devices be insured?

Not to be insured - Light electric mobility devices:

  • Walking-assisting/-replacing mobility devices (max. 1 kW, max. 15 km/h)
  • Light electric vehicles (max. 1 kW, max. 25 km/h, max. 80 cm in width)
  • Pedelecs (max. 250 W, max. 25 km/h, pedalling required)

To be insured - Light motor vehicles:

  • Motorised bicycles (max. 1 kW, max. 25 km/h, max. 1 m in width, no pedalling necessarily required)

If the mobility device exceeds 1 kW or 25 km/h, motor insurance is required.

Verify the speed and power of the mobility device from the seller.

Drive carefully and wear proper protective equipment.

Take care of voluntary accident and third-party liability insurance.