How should new electric mobility devices be insured?

Motor liability insurance will be required for some lightweight electrically powered transporters from 1 June 2024 onwards.
According to the new law:

Not to be insured:

  • Electrically powered personal and cargo transporters that weigh less than 25 kilograms AND have a design speed of no more than 25 kilometres per hour.
  • Electrically assisted bicycles (pedelecs) with a maximum assisted speed of 25 kilometres per hour and a maximum output of 250 watts or less.
  • Electric wheelchairs and other lightweight personal transport devices for the exclusive use of disabled people.

Insurance required:

  • Electrically powered personal and cargo transporters that weigh more than 25 kilograms OR have a design speed in excess of 25 kilometres per hour.
  • All rental e-scooters regardless of weight or speed. The operator is responsible for obtaining a motor insurance policy.

What is the “design speed” of a vehicle?

The design speed is the maximum speed specified for a powered transporter by its manufacturer or importer.

  • If the device is modified to go faster than 25 kilometres per hour, motor insurance is required.
  • If the design speed is already more than 25 kilometres per hour, the device must be insured even if it is modified later to only reach 25 kilometres per hour.

For electrically powered transporters subject to the insurance obligation, we recommend verifying from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom that the device is legal for road use in Finland.

Verify the speed and power of the mobility device from the seller.

Drive carefully and wear proper protective equipment.

Take care of voluntary accident and third-party liability insurance.