The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre (LVK) is the party that ultimately safeguards the rights of a person who has been involved in a road accident and takes care of the consequences of a default on the payment of the statutory motor liability insurance. The Finnish Crash Data Institute (OTI), an independent unit within LVK, promotes traffic safety by coordinating the work of road accident investigation committees and compiling statistics regarding accidents. LVK has extensive international duties, and its members include all insurance companies that grant motor insurance policies in Finland.

Tasks of the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre:

  • Promoting traffic safety
  • Handles traffic accidents caused by uninsured and unknown vehicles, those exempted from motor liability insurance, non-Finnish vehicles, vehicles holding temporary and frontier motor liability insurance policies as well as the reindeer damage caused by vehicles.
  • Collecting unpaid vehicle insurance premiums of uninsured vehicles
  • Grants frontier and temporary motor liability insurance policies and acts as the national Green Card system office and guarantee fund
  • Compiling shared motor insurance damage statistics and calculating risk premiums
  • Issuing guidelines to promote insurance activities and standardise compensation activities
  • Acting as the data centre and body providing compensation by virtue of the EU Motor Insurance Directive in Finland
  • Promoting cooperation between its member companies
  • Takes care of other tasks that promote the implementation and development of motor liability insurance legislation