Does the compensation for traffic accidents change with the new law?

Very little from the point of view of consumers. The aim was to maintain the level of comprehensiveness and protection offered by motor liability insurance, even though there have been some changes in the scope of the insurance. However, maximum compensation for material damage rises from EUR 3.3 million to EUR 5 million.

How quickly will compensation be paid?

Processing times for claims will shorten. Processing of claims must now begin within seven days of the claim arriving, i.e. when the action is instituted. The decision on the claim must be given within one month of it being instituted. Should the decision on the claim take over one month, the claimant is to be paid interest on the delayed payment. If the case is delayed by such matters as establishing liability, the insurance company must give the claimant a reason for why the handling the claim has been delayed within three months.

Who compensates the innocent party if the other party has failed to insure their vehicle?

The Finnish Motor Insurer's centre continues to compensate the damages to the innocent party. The compensation is equivalent to the amount it would have been if the vehicles had had valid insurance.