The purpose of the Board as set by the Finnish Council of State is to issue statements on compensation for traffic accidents. An injured party, policyholder or anyone else with the right to compensation who is dissatisfied with the compensation decision of the insurance institution has the right to ask the Traffic Accident Board for a statement. This request must be made within a year of the insurance company giving its decision.

Processing by the Traffic Accident Board is free of charge.

Prior to the compensation decision, the insurance company must request the Board to issue a statement on the following matters that concern:

  • continuous compensation paid on the basis of permanent loss of income or death, or the one-off capital value paid instead of the continuous compensation
  • an increase or decrease in continuous compensation
  • compensation paid on the basis of defect, if the injury is severe
  • the rectification of an erroneous decision to the detriment of an involved party, if the involved party does not agree to the rectification of the error. However, a statement does not have to be sought if the error is obvious and if it has resulted from the involved party's own actions, or if it is a case of an obvious error in writing or calculation.

In addition, the insurance company is entitled to request a statement on other matters concerning the compensation case.

If the insurance company's decision deviates from the Board's statement to the detriment of the recipient, the insurance company must add a statement to its decision and give that decision to the Board.

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