A claimant dissatisfied with a compensation decision can appeal for a change in the district court by bringing an action against the insurance company within three years of receiving written notification of the insurance company's decision and this time limit.

The claimant is deemed to have received the decision by the seventh (7th) day after mailing, unless proved otherwise.

The claimant can also take the matter to the district court in conjunction with the criminal case related to the traffic accident. Pursuant to section 80 of the act governing motor liability insurance, a compensation case can be investigated by a court of justice provided that the insurance company refuses to pay the compensation required from it. In this case, evidence has to be submitted to the court that the insurance company has refused to pay the compensation demanded from it. As per Section 80 of the Motor Liability Insurance Act, the insurance company must be summoned to the trial for a hearing. The summons has to be sent at least 14 days before the trial.