Traffic damage caused by a foreign vehicle in Finland is processed and compensated for by the Centre. If the damage was caused by a vehicle registered in an EEA country, the damage can be processed by, in place of the Centre, a green card representative authorised by the Centre.

Information about green card representatives can be obtained from the Centre. The damage report can also be submitted to the Centre which will forward it when necessary.

Compensation is paid according to the Motor Liability Insurance Act. If a foreign vehicle is insured in a green card system country, its traffic insurance policy is used to compensate for personal and property damage suffered by the other party (including pedestrians' and bicyclists' damage), as well as injuries suffered by the passengers of insured vehicles. However, with the exception of Swedish and Norwegian vehicles, the owner and driver of the vehicle which caused the damage do not get compensation for their personal injuries.

If the vehicle causing the damage has a border insurance policy, it is also used to compensate for personal injuries suffered by the guilty vehicle driver and owner.

If a foreign vehicle causes an accident, act as follows:

  • Dial 112 to ask the Police to come the scene, if required.
  • If possible, photograph the damage and the vehicles involved.
  • Fill in the damage report and send it to the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. Give a copy of the damage report to the injured party, if possible.

Details to be filled in the damage report

  • Contact details of the parties (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.)
  • Complete details of the vehicles involved in the accident (registration number, make and model of the vehicle)
  • Complete insurance details (country code, company code, policy number, insurance company and policy holder from the green card)
  • Place and time of the accident
  • Description of damage
  • Signatures of the parties
  • Names and contact details of possible witnesses

Append to the damage report a photograph of the other party's green card and any other relevant material (police report etc.).

In order to establish the degree and cost of personal injuries, the following are required:

  • Medical report
  • Invoices and receipts for the expenses incurred
  • If compensation is sought for loss of income, a report showing the decrease of income

In order to quantify the damage to property, the following are required:

  • Inspection report for the damaged vehicle
  • Repair bill
  • A report of the type, condition, age and damage of the damaged article
  • Purchase price of the damaged article and its fair value (at the time of damage)