Starting from next week, vehicles can be insured and registered at the same time

Bulletin, 9 November 2015

Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre

Change of vehicle ownership will be easier starting from next week. Registration can easily be completed whilst taking out motor insurance using the electronic services of insurance companies.

Taking out statutory motor insurance is a prerequisite for vehicle registration. As insurance and registration processes require nearly identical information, they will be combined into a single process starting from 16 November 2015.

All insurance companies that grant motor insurance will be included in the new system. Most companies will open services that enable an electronic registration process starting from the middle of November, and the rest will follow during spring 2016. Contact your insurance company to inquire about the availability of the service.

You can also complete the registration process in the electronic Trafi service but, in this case, you need to have taken out motor insurance in advance.

As registration is performed in electronic format, a registration certificate will no longer be required in domestic traffic because vehicle owners and the authorities obtain the information required from the Trafi system. This change reduces the costs and environmental load of the system.

The registration process will be carried out using a secure electronic certificate which is generated on the Trafi website.

However, regardless of the transition to an electronic registration process, you can still register your vehicle by visiting an insurance company, car dealership or inspection station which offers registration services.



  • You can insure and register your vehicle at the same time using the online services of your insurance company.
  • Online services are available regardless of time and place.
  • Insurance companies will open electronic registration services starting from the middle of November. The services will be available from all insurance companies by the end of next spring.
  • This change makes vehicle registration quicker, easier and less expensive.
  • You can still register your vehicle by visiting a registration outlet in person.


Additional information:

  • Lauri Linna, Liaison Officer,, tel. +358 40 450 4591
  • Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre, communications, tel. +358 40 450 4700