The policy holder can terminate the insurance and transfer it to another insurance company at any time during the insurance period. If the terminated insurance concerns a vehicle that is subject to registration, the insurance is terminated by taking a new insurance.

Motor liability insurance can be terminated when a vehicle has been stolen and this has been reported to the police and the insurance company.

Also, the motor liability insurance for a vehicle has been withdrawn from use can be terminated by notifying the insurance company. The insurance company will notify the vehicle register of the termination. If the motor liability insurance for a vehicle that has been withdrawn from use has been terminated, a new insurance policy has to be taken out for the vehicle before the vehicle is taken into use again.

Also, the insurance policy is deemed to have been terminated when the policyholder notifies Traficom, the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre or another insurance company that:

  • the vehicle has been withdrawn from use for good;
  • the vehicle has changed owner or keeper due to legal proceedings, for example, to the policyholder's estate on death or bankruptcy;
  • the policyholder is no longer the owner or keeper of the vehicle;
  • the insurance policy has been taken out at a different insurance company.

In the above-mentioned cases, the validity of the insurance ends on the date specified in the notification.