When the vehicle is imported to Finland, a declaration of use must be submitted to Tax Administration. It allows the imported vehicle to be used in traffic under certain conditions before paying taxes (see the instructions issued by Tax Administration).

In addition to the declaration of use, using the vehicle in traffic also requires a valid Finnish transfer permit and motor liability insurance. Therefore, the insurance required for the transfer permit can either be temporary motor liability insurance or a motor liability insurance granted in advance by a Finnish insurance company. 

If the vehicle is not intended for continuous use, the transfer permit and temporary motor liability insurance are taken at the same time for the corresponding period.

The transfer permit can also be obtained for a longer period. It can be obtained either from Customs or from vehicle inspection stations by the person who has already submitted the above declaration of use. The transfer permit can be granted up to the expiry date shown on the declaration of use form. When applying for the transfer permit the customer may use a motor liability insurance taken out in advance instead of temporary motor vehicle insurance.

Motor liability insurance taken abroad and granted for a vehicle fitted with temporary licence plates cannot be used even if it is still valid. This is because registering the vehicle in Finland (Finnish transfer plates) also requires Finnish motor liability insurance.