Do I need to do something to my motor liability insurance as a result of this new law?

No, you do not. The new law does not require any action from policy holders.

What are the main changes to the law?

The penalties for failing to insure your vehicle become stiffer. It remains prohibited to drive an uninsured vehicle, and the police can remove its registration plates immediately. Penalty payments will also be larger than before. The new law improves the status of victims, because time limits for claims handling were introduced.

The law makes it possible to use the insurance and claims histories of policy holders more comprehensively than before in insurance pricing. For example, the claims history of one vehicle can be taken into account in the pricing of more than one vehicle and the claims histories of a number of vehicles can be taken into account in the pricing of one vehicle's insurance with the same owner. This means that the claims history does not necessarily have to start at zero with each new vehicle.

When did the new law come into force?

January 1st, 2017.

The exception is the section on medical expenses, which came into force in August 2016.