Traffic damage caused by a foreign vehicle in Finland is processed and compensated for by the Centre. If the damage was caused by a vehicle registered in an EEA country, the damage can be processed by, in place of the Centre, a green card representative authorised by the Centre.

Information about green card representatives can be obtained from the Centre. The damage report can also be submitted to the Centre which will forward it when necessary.

Compensation is paid according to the Motor Liability Insurance Act. If a foreign vehicle is insured in a green card system country, its traffic insurance policy is used to compensate for personal and property damage suffered by the other party (including pedestrians' and bicyclists' damage), as well as injuries suffered by the passengers of insured vehicles. However, with the exception of Swedish and Norwegian vehicles, the owner and driver of the vehicle which caused the damage do not get compensation for their personal injuries.

If the vehicle causing the damage has a border insurance policy, it is also used to compensate for personal injuries suffered by the guilty vehicle driver and owner.