• Always call the police to the scene in all road accidents. The police emergency number in Russia is 102.

  • Please note that the vehicles must not be moved before the police have arrived.

  • You must ask for the accident report drawn up by the police to be appended to the accident report to be submitted to the insurance company.

  • Photograph the damage and the vehicles, if possible.

  • Find out the insurance company of the Russian counterpart and contact it immediately. The contact information is available in the Russian insurance policy. The majority of motor liability insurance companies have a 24-hour claims service with which you can talk at least in Russian.

  • Take care of the matter on the scene even if it means changing your travel plans: According to Russian motor liability insurance terms and conditions, you must contact the company within 15 working days from the incident, but in practice many companies require that they are contacted within five working days.

  • Russian insurance companies also often require that the innocent party also visits the office of the company in person to submit an accident report. Take with you the accident document you received from the police and append it to the accident report.

  • Do not make any kinds of agreements on compensation with the guilty party. This may lead to rejection of the insurance compensation.

  • If the Russian vehicle is not insured or you cannot verify the identity of the guilty party, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) will take care of the claims settlement and pay the compensation to the injured party. You can also get instructions on what to do in these accident situations from the Russian Green Card office telephone service at +7 495 6412 787.