The fact that Russia has joined the Green Card system has made life easier for motorists travelling between Russia and Finland. A Finnish motorist entering Russia no longer has to buy separate Russian motor liability insurance. A Green Card demonstrating the validity of the insurance is available from your own insurance company.

However, the Green Card does not guarantee compensation at the level of Finnish motor liability insurance in Russia, since claims will be compensated according to the legislation of the incident country Before the trip, it is worthwhile learning about the main differences between the various countries with regard to both compensation and operating methods. Read more: What does motor liability insurance compensate for in Russia?

Russian motorists entering Finland do not have to acquire frontier insurance; they can prove the validity of the motor liability insurance by presenting a Green Card granted by a Russian company at the border control It is important to note that the card has to be valid everywhere in the EEA area and that it has been issued by a Russian company that has the right to grant Green Cards.

The Finnish Motor Insurers´ Centre does not process road accidents taking place in Russia.